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Memorial Park Nonoichi

Prize(s) Winners in Religious & Spiritual Site Lighting Design
Company Yamagiwa
Lead Designers Kuniichi Iizuka
Other Designer's names Shinzi Nonomura
Completion Date 2022.10
Project Location Nonoichi City, Ishikawa
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Entry Description

A facility-type burial grave in a cemetery park operated by Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a circular charnel that uses wood for roof and canopy. In its symbolic worship room in the facility, we adopted bespoke pendant lights, spotlights, and indirect lights to create a solemn yet warm atmosphere. All the lightings are dimmable.
Sustainability Approach

In order to operate unmanned 24 hours a day, we adopted an automated management system that controls lighting effects according to the time of day and season. A motion sensor is installed at all three entrances, and when a visitor is detected, the scene switches from standby to worship scene automatically.