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Icon Tower

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting Design
Company Sigala-Lighting
Lead Designers Hara Sigala
Client Imperio Properties
Photo Credits Marios Ioannou
Other Credits UDS architects
Completion Date January 2022
Project Location Limassol Cyprus
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Entry Description

Inspired by a luminescent diamond, Icon Tower is a high-rise mixed-use building that blends perfectly with the dark sky of Limassol, Cyprus, achieving zero light pollution and maximum energy efficiency. Conceived with simplicity and elegance, the final outcome embraces the lighting of different VIP amenities and highlights the materials and the architectural forms. The diamond shape of the building is emphasized by a uniform luminous line from the concealed ledstrips in the linear cove, crafted in the metal cladding panels. The residential floors combine a lighting puzzle with lit and dark parts, depending on their occupancy. The balconies are transformed into luminous cubes, creating different versions of the same façade lighting scenario. A luxurious and welcoming lighting in the entrance lobby is achieved by highlighting the perimeter inclined stone walls and revealing the interior textures of the furniture. The two-storey parking creates a luminous foundation for the tower with concealed ledstrips in the louvers. The celebrating lighting of the pool bar gives life to the center of the façade. The interior lighting creates an environment with high visual comfort for demanding guests so as to enjoy the sea view. Last but not least achievement was that a new landmark was created in the night sky of the city and the passersby can enjoy it with a glare-free street view.
Sustainability Approach

Energy Efficiency Category A and sustainability strategies were major design factors. ?ero light pollution is achieved with only indirect lighting produced from concealed ledstrips emitting low level lighting. Energy-efficient ledstrips function in dimmer preset through a DALI control system for the best future efficiency.
The overall façade lighting comes from the internal lighting reflected on the balcony marble. Warm color temperature <2700? in all exterior applications to protect nocturnal species. Façade ledstrip profiles are custom-made, covered by resin material for chemicals, UV and weather protection, and ultra-durable powder coating for marine environments. They are installed in a clip-on system for easy accessibility following a strict maintenance schedule and LED Savings calculations. Local providers are chosen for low carbon footprint through reduced delivery distances.
Company Description

Sigala-lighting is an architectural lighting design studio based in Athens, Greece that creates ideal lighting environments for living spaces, culture and working places. In every project we seek to provide optimum designs achieving maximum sustainability, strong concepts using advanced technology, people based solutions according to Human Centric Lighting recommendations, flexible layouts for every architectural design and budget. We combine our design practice with our ongoing academic research for innovative proposals.