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Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting Design
Company Christine Sicangco Lighting Design, Inc.
Lead Designers Christine Sicangco & Jo Vincent T. Gonzaga
Other Designer's names Lorraine Tobias
Client Andy and Jannette Gonzaga
Photo Credits Ed Simon
Other Credits Cacar Lizares (Interior Design), Jon Lim (Architect)
Completion Date December 2022
Project Location Bacolod City, Philippines
Entry Description

Rombohan in the Ilonggo dialect means “a place to gather, to bring family and friends together for a meal and celebration.

Coming from a large and very close-knit family, it was appropriate for our clients to build this “Rombohan” to accommodate their growing family. This Rombohan is an addition that became an extension of their old houses and was connected by the surrounding gardens.

Being a typical large Filipino family who loves to gather around food, whether to eat, cook or entertain, the Gonzagas needed a place to make this all happen.

The Lighting Design for this gathering place was very straightforward – to put light where needed and highlight the essential architectural features of the space. We wanted the area to feel inclusive, homey, and cozy simultaneously.

With all the festivities and highly anticipated family reunions, the lighting of Rombohan has dramatically added to making the space a special place for gathering family and friends, making memories, and new family traditions filled with warmth and love for years to come.
Company Description

Christine Sicangco Lighting Design, Inc - is an independent Architectural Lighting Design Firm in the Philippines.

We are currently a group of 15-20 professionals with varied backgrounds ranging from Lighting Design, Environmental Design, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design.

CSLDI's projects encompasses Mixed Use Land Developments, Hospitality, Casino & Entertainment City, Retail & Malls, Churches and Chapels, City Masterplans & Corporate Offices