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HI Horizont - CGR

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting Design
Company Apollo Iluminação
Lead Designers Priscila Mercial and Gui Pinheiro
Other Designer's names Karine Camponez
Client Plaenge Campo Grande
Photo Credits Fran Parente
Other Credits Interior Design Company: LW Design Group - São Paulo.
Completion Date September 2023
Project Location Campo Grande, Brazil
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Entry Description

The proposal for this lighting design project was to create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere for the space. The combination of indirect lighting and minimalist accent lighting points promotes a pleasant balance between a light and shadow. The wood is highlighted by a soft light like a veil, while accent points, such as the uplighting in the vegetation, bring dynamism and vitality to the environment. The combination of different layers of lighting adds depth to the space, resulting in a elegant and functional environment. All lighting is dimmable, allowing users to control the light and choose the best mood for each moment. In conjunction with organic shapes, the space invites relaxation and living life in moments of pleasure and well-being.
Sustainability Approach

Efforts were made to use as little energy as possible while avoiding glare. Even with lighting integrated into the architecture and used indirectly, combined with the use of low-energy and highly efficient LED fixtures, this resulted in a total LPD of 8.72W/m².