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MDJ House

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ryan Salim
Other Designer's names MSSM Associates + RSI Group
Client Michael Djuita
Photo Credits Mario Wibowo
Other Credits S Design Contractor, Studio ASA, Woodlam
Completion Date 2022
Project Location South Jakarta, Indonesia
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Entry Description

The MDJ House is the architect's approach to designing an original type of modern tropical architecture, designed for a young couple looking for a unique and visually stunning home. This three-floor compact house seamlessly blends wood and concrete to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while maintaining a sleek and contemporary design. The irregular shape pushes the plot of the lighting plan to be on point yet maximizing the look of the ceiling. Combining couple or triple spot downlights with 3000K warm and CRI90+ quality of light, to create strong and contrasting emphasis of each function area.

The exterior of the house features a unique combination of wood and concrete, which creates a striking visual contrast that sets it apart from traditional tropical designs. The wood accents bring a sense of warmth and grounding to the structure, while the concrete walls provide a modern and sophisticated feel. This interplay of materials creates a sense of balance and visual interest that is calming and captivating. The use of indirect light with a warm tone balances the look and feel of the concrete material, creating a soft accent to the interior. The idea of the light that not overpower the look of the facade to show how transparent and glows the interior to the facade.
Sustainability Approach

The mixed-use of simple dimming technology with remote and Cloud smart systems to control the brightness and time from anywhere when the light should be on and off will increase energy efficiency.
With remote dimming and a simple and small factor module system, we're minimizing the use of cable and paneling that require more material yet the aim and functions are similar, even the possibility to re-use if the user decides to apply it to other rooms and projects. the use of a remote function with preset scenes to set and change the ambiance according to what the user needs wirelessly.
Company Description

ERRELUCE is committed to the idea of collaboration throughout the entirety of the design process. We place the highest possible emphasis upon input from all parties, from client to the architect or interior designer, our work is driven with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. We believe that by understanding the basic concept of the spaces, materials, and objects, we can create lighting solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are the balance between emotion and quality in architecture + interior.