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Light for Heritage & Luxury guests

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting Design
Company Anoche Lighting Design Studio
Lead Designers Jordi Ballesta, Chiara Torri and Cristina Miquel
Other Designer's names Ricardo Bofill
Client The Onsider
Photo Credits Álvaro Valdecantos
Completion Date Jenuray 2023
Project Location Barcelona
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Entry Description

Historic Building in the Gothic Quarter located in the Center of Barcelona.

The common areas are characterized by their sensitivity to preserving history, with original walls restored and treated with monochromatic paints to maintain the essence of the building while giving these a new purpose.

The lighting project posed a dual challenge: it needed to be visually appealing to users while remaining economically viable and energy-efficient. To achieve this, motion sensors were strategically installed in all areas, activating lighting only when a space is in use.

With 10 apartments, each with entirely different and unique geometric and spatial characteristics. This presented a challenge: to ensure that the lighting creates a sense of uniformity without compromising the individuality of each apartment.
Company Description

Anoche is a lighting design studio aimed to enhance architectural projects through light consultancy services from both, An aesthetical and a technical perspective.

Light is the intangible material that helps to enhance the potential of the project both indoors and outdoors. Through lighting design, we help to create atmospheres that highlight and provide a differential value to architectural, urban and artistic projects.

By doing so, we tell stories, draw guidelines, awaken emotions. We design conversations between natural and artificial light.