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We Are Honestree

Prize(s) Winners in Retails Lighting Design
Lead Designers Ryan Salim
Other Designer's names Seniman Ruang (Helen Agustine, Nino Andhika)
Client PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia
Photo Credits Mario Wibowo
Other Credits Kayu Lapis Indonesia, Median
Completion Date October 2022
Project Location Open Door Alam Sutera, Indonesia
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Entry Description

The design tells the story of how nature can inspire the form of architectural space through the abstraction of human experience in nature in the composition of layers. This 39 sqm retail space forms a radial composition, surrounded by layers of big slab products with a mother tree installation at the center, displaying samples of diverse wood species. The center tree is made of layers of rotating plywood trays, which bloom towards the top with the shape of peeled circular layers made from thin and bent plywood to resemble tree branches. On the top end of the tree, a round membrane with indirect light designed by ErreLuce is applied with frequent changes of the light warmth as an expression of changing sunlight. The usage of high CRI led strips also play a big part in showing the true color of the natural wood.
The center space manifests an experience of sitting under a big shady tree, with a six-meter dome ceiling illustrating the tree's shelter, entirely constructed by engineering wood structures and covered by 30 layers of illuminated circular thin plywood. The wood structures are shown to customers by replacing some ceiling material with transparent acrylic for people to peek inside the dome ceiling, demonstrating Kayu Lapis's expertise in wood structure processing.
Sustainability Approach

In promoting sustainability to the customer, merely selling sustainable products is usually insufficient. Communicating the importance and the benefit of being sustainable in choosing materiality provided with examples of actual applications becomes inevitable for many sustainable product suppliers. Honestree, the first showroom of Kayu Lapis is a semi-educational gallery to communicate the company‘s sustainable value and quality of products to their customer, by testing the limits of working with plywood materials in a form that inspired by the shelter of a mother tree.
By applying the concept of sunlight to maximize the position and placement of light with minimal use of LED Strips. The dimming system was programmed with a time clock to ensure the lighting experience.
Company Description

ERRELUCE is committed to the idea of collaboration throughout the entirety of the design process. We place the highest possible emphasis upon input from all parties, from client to the architect or interior designer, our work is driven with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. We believe that by understanding the basic concept of the spaces, materials, and objects, we can create lighting solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are the balance between emotion and quality in architecture + interior.