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NEOBIO Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Retails Lighting Design
Company FangFang Studio,Hangzhou Donghao Lighting Engineering Co.
Lead Designers Fang Fang
Other Designer's names Zonghui Yi,Hongcong Shi,Wei Li
Client Shanghai NEOBIO Enterprise Management Co.
Completion Date 13/3/2021-15/12/2022
Project Location Shanghai
Entry Description

Nerbo Science and Technology Museum (Shanghai Pavilion) is a diversified children's playground. We firstly set the color temperature at 4000K, which is in line with the overall simple and bright decoration style, and secondly we set the overall illumination at a high level, and most of the areas have a relatively uniform light distribution, which not only can ensure the safety of children playing, but also can make them have a more excited state. In some special areas we also have different arrangements, the second floor multifunctional dining area, we divided the lamps into multiple circuits to meet the needs of different scenes, the second floor space area using small angle lamps to avoid direct light shining on the wall, so that the space has more depth, in order to ensure the overall tone, we also do a key lighting in each area, but also use a large number of flexible light strips, outlining the wall shape, making the The space has more sense of technology.
Sustainability Approach

We have made all-round illumination calculations for the whole space and formulated detailed illumination standards for the subsequent opening of the same type of chain stores. We use normal specifications in the selection of lamps and lanterns to avoid the difficulties caused by the later maintenance.