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Shanghai Daxue Road Landscape Lighting Renovation and Enhancement Project

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting Design
Company Brandston Partnership Inc.,
Lead Designers Judy Tang
Other Designer's names Ren Zhenglin , Zhao Dingyi,Chen Sijia ,Chen Chao , Li Yufei
Client Shanghai Yangpu District Greening City Appearance Bureau Landscape Office
Photo Credits Leiteng Culture
Completion Date 2022/10/1
Project Location Daxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
Entry Description

Surrounded by the residential hinterland of the new lifestyle, the Daxue Road is home to higher education colleges and innovation functions, such as the Smart Source Heat Pump. It is the most important night tour destination in the commercial circle of Yangpu Wujiaochang.
We provide more scenes, expressions, and possibilities for space through weak intervention within the existing street framework.
[Jiangwan Drama]When the light halo stains its thick brick and stone walls, this dignified and beautiful building will awaken from history.
[Inspiration Street Corner] Walking on the Daxue road, the small shops on the corner, the facades of residential buildings, and the roadside lights are all filled with a warm and intimate atmosphere.
[Forest Secret] We adopt a method of scene creation - at night, elderly people walking slowly, couples holding hands, and children exploring experience the forest secret realm in petals, fireflies, and open books.
[Time Poetry] The poetic scenes depicted by the artist on the wall instantly come to life at night.
[Pillar of Creation & Tangram] The 'Pillar of Creation' dances with countless colorful elements representing young vision. Children follow the music and dance happily on the colorful Tangram.
[Seasonable Garden] We have set the theme of "Four Seasons Flower Realm" for it, adding some undisturbed atmosphere to the quiet night.
Company Description

brandston partnership inc., an award winning architectural lighting design firm, has completed over 5,000 projects in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

bpi was founded in 1966 by Howard Brandston, who went on to receive many lighting awards, including Lifetime Achievement awards and “Fellow” status with both the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).

Our professional staff of one hundred eighty in New York, China, Singapore and Korea are trained in architecture, interior design, engine