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Cold River Rain Lane

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting Design
Company Hzd Lighting
Lead Designers Wang Cheng
Other Designer's names Wang Jinhan, Wang Zhen, Xie Yang, Qi Lina, Teng Hui, Cai Yonghao
Client Shanghai Fengxian Leng Jiang Yu Xiang Construction & Development Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits HZD Lighting
Completion Date 2022/01/20
Project Location Zhuangxing West Street, Lengjiang Yuxiang, Fengxian District, Shanghai
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Entry Description

Zhuanghang, an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River in the west of Fengxian, as the first station in the west of the new Yangtze River picture scroll of "A Stream of Misty Rain", integrates history, culture, emerging industries and urban renewal, and plans to build the "Cold River Rain Lane" project, which has become an innovative landmark of South Shanghai culture that fully combines historical culture and contemporary functions. "Cold River Rain Lane" is located in Zhuanghang Old Street and formed in 1368, with a total length of about 1000 meters. It is a well-preserved Ming and Qing architectural old street in Fengxian District, which is rich in the charm of Yangtze River Delta water village. There are memorial archways in the east, city walls in the south and ancient bridges in the west. More than 100 historical buildings have been restored. Chen Ji Sugar, Cheng Zhengda Cotton Cloth Shop, Dingfeng Tofu Shop, Spice Shop, Huifuyuan Teahouse and other centuriy-old shops have been reopened. The rows of stage teahouses, shops and temples will return to us one by one, reproducing the prosperity of "small bridges, flowing houses and dim lights" 600 years ago.
Sustainability Approach

"Cold River Rain Lane" aims at shaping new culture of the Yangtze River Delta, embracing the ancient rhyme, graceful landscape, and natural tonality, embedded in the art of sound, light and electricity, focusing on the creation of emotional plots and story-like atmospheres, interpreting beauty with the help of the uniqueness of ancient town culture, respecting people's livelihood, revitalizing and renewing. Different from the bustling and dense air of modern urban nightlife, the night here is quiet, natural, and down-to-earth. Relative to the colorful and gorgeous urban night scene, the lighting of Cold River Rain Lane gives people the feeling that it is more of a touch of sunset glow that adds color to people's nightlife, elegant and restrained, moistening everything with its own uniqueness and high character.