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Ad Gefrin

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Michael Grubb Studio
Lead Designers Michael Grubb Studio
Client Ad Gefrin (Alan, Eileen and Chris Ferguson)
Photo Credits Sally Ann Norman
Completion Date March 2023
Project Location Wooler, Northumberland, England
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Entry Description

Ad Gefrin is a museum, visitor experience and whisky distillery. The lighting design showcases the brand throughout, including the Distillery, Barrel Store, Bisto, Retail, Function Room, Museum and Atrium.
Sophisticated lighting highlights the architectural design of the domed Atrium. The design approach needed to suit the traditional construction techniques used to craft a beautiful, high-end finish.
The Bistro is flooded with light, requiring the design to have presence during the day and night. A decorative light feature was created using 270 glass globes internally illuminated by fibre optics suspended from the ceiling, inspired by Northumberland’s starscape.
The lighting needed to serve multiple functions, such as in the Distillery, a working environment also toured by visitors. Functional and decorative lighting were combined to create two lighting scenes for each requirement. Directional spotlights enhance the raw materials and textures, as well as highlighting interior architectural features.
The Function Room features a vaulted ceiling with curved, tiered copper-leafed pendants. The illumination within the tasting experience was kept minimal by using narrow beam, discretely mounted spotlights and LED light sheets.
This project demonstrated a real investment in the community, using local companies to create a landmark and legacy for future generations to benefit from.
Sustainability Approach

The innovative design combined traditional techniques, sustainable practices and modern efficiencies.
The large amount of natural light played a vital role in the sustainable approach. After dark, minimal lighting was used to create ambience, selecting a low level of brightness to respect the dark skies.
Following a series of lighting tests, multiple shorter lengths of LED luminaires were chosen as they delivered a brighter lit effect with a lower wattage output, plus the ability to be individually removed and easily upgraded or maintained, making this approach more effective and sustainable.