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Robert Olnick Pavilion

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Map Design Studio
Lead Designers Artemis Papadatou
Other Designer's names Jung Eun Ra-Lee, Monica Llamas, Seulki Kim, Sam Powers
Client Magazzino Italian Art Foundation
Photo Credits William Mulvihill Courtesy of MQ Architecture, Tommaso Sacconi & Marco Anelli
Completion Date September, 2023
Project Location Cold Spring, NY
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Entry Description

The Robert Olnick Pavilion — the second building on Magazzino’s campus — was designed by the Spanish architects Alberto Campo Baeza and Miguel Quismondo. The pavilion has a humble layout that highlights industrial materials and an aesthetically neutral environment that provides an additional 13,000 square feet of new exhibition space.

The purpose of the lighting design was for luminaires to disappear and perfectly blend with the minimal architecture. Galleries are softly and uniformly lit, with low-glare luminaires installed in tracks for full flexibility. The light sources used, combined with their spacing and carefully calibrated location from the gallery walls, allow for a shadow free art wall illumination. The cafe and shop have millwork integrated lighting to celebrate the intended relaxing nature of this space, where one can admire the landscape.

The sunken garden, the exterior extension of the basement multi-purpose room, acts as a space of congregation extending the experience from inside out. The lighting emphasizes the relationship between the interior and exterior and creates a dramatic backdrop to the space.
Low level and low glare step lights are installed around the exterior perimeter of the building to provide soft path illumination, nighttime security and to remain respectful of the wild landscape of the campus.

Company Description

We use light as a medium to transform spaces and reveal their aesthetic qualities. Through the use of light, we create a visual hierarchy and define an atmosphere within the built environment.

Our expertise spans across various project typologies and uses creative design approaches integrated with extensive knowledge of lighting technologies, control systems, LEED certification and energy compliance.

We collaborate with clients, architects and interior designers throughout the world.