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Tianfu Jincheng Wenshu Fang

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Shenzhen Kaiming Smart Construction Technology Co.,Ltd.
Lead Designers Wang Kai, Denise Yuan, Li Minghai, Zhang Hui, Anson Ao, Zhang Hanwen
Entry Description

The lighting design initiative has been commissioned for the acclaimed Wenshufang, a sought-after recreational and tourist hub nestled in the heart of Chengdu, China. The district's hallmark commercial courtyard layout pays tribute to the time-honored Han Chinese civilization and amalgamates various facets such as "Chinese attire," "antique charisma," "epicurean delights," "breathtaking landscapes," and "national vogue" to seamlessly fuse historic heritage, cultural traits, and commercial efficacy. The objective of the team is to enrich the night tour experience by crafting enthralling lighting scenes that will entice more footfall, stimulate the nocturnal economy, and propagate the essence of Han culture. The architectural illumination of the edifice is meticulously crafted based on its cultural significance, and is carefully devised around four distinct themes: "Exploring the Road to Shu", "Traversing the Clouds", "Sensing the Landscape" and "Bathing the Aura". Through the use of light and shadow, the depth and beauty of the building is heightened, creating a captivating spectacle when viewed at night. Visitors are treated to a truly immersive experience that allows them to fully engage with and appreciates the traditional culture of Sichuan.
Sustainability Approach

The exterior of the theater boasts an intricate design of interwoven Sichuan brocade and ink visuals, which are created through the use of cutting-edge LED transparent screen technology. Visitors can engage in an interactive experience with the building courtesy of an advanced induction system. As you make your way through the sky corridor, you'll be enveloped by a mesmerizing fog system that creates a dream-like atmosphere of swimming among the clouds. The corridor extends from the theater's entrance to the cloister within and leads to a breathtaking viewing platform at the top. From here, visitors can gaze up at the sky and follow the ever-changing patterns of the clouds.