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Temporary Exhibition. "The Duel: From Trial By Combat To A Noble Crime"

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company THE VIEW lighting design bureau
Lead Designers Valeria Gorelova
Client Moscow Kremlin Museums
Photo Credits Vasiliy Bulanov
Other Credits Architecture: Planet 9, Nadejzda Babenko
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Moscow
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Entry Description

The temporary exhibition dedicated to the art of the Duel in the Moscow Kremlin Museums was divided into two halls.

At the Ivan the Great Bell Tower the showcase's form is symmetrical to the existing architecture. The symmetrical arrangement of showcases and the combinatorics of exhibits of various types required the creation of balanced and uniform lighting inside the showcases.
At the showcases we used a combination of diffused and oval optics of linear light sources to uniformly fill the display space with light. Some displays were equipped with spotlights with variable optics and filters for individual adjustment for each exhibit.
Light sources for books, prints, paintings and textiles were exposed by soft reflected light.

The architectural solution of the second hall, the One-Pillar Chamber, was different from the solution of the hall at The Ivan the Great Bell Tower by forms of the showcases like ice-floes.
The visibility of many showcases from two or more sides made the ceiling open to the viewer.
To solve this problem, the linear light sources were abandoned in many showcases and were replaced with spotlights with wide optics and anti-glare accessories.
Some central displays were equipped with a specially designed wooden louver to hide the led profile.

Reflected uplight in shades of sunset and dawn supports the concept of the beauty of life and death.
Sustainability Approach

That is noticable that during the 7-years collaboration with museum the library of lighting fittings that includes spotlights and led-profiles was growing. Each exhibition since 2019 was made with re-used equipment. That helps to save money and avoid any production or delivery of the new fittings.
Company Description

Collaboration of lighting designers from different countries for the purpose to create the new lighting image of the cities all around the world.