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Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company SEAM Design
Lead Designers Marci Song
Other Designer's names Bijin Hameed, Revan Li, Aticha Padungruengkit
Client London Design Festival, Stanton Williams, Experimentapt
Photo Credits Mark Cocksedge
Other Credits Illustrative Diagrams by SEAM
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Wren Landing at Canary Wharf - London, UK
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Entry Description

‘Henge' 2022, celebrated the 20th Anniversary of London Design Festival. There are experiences shaped through the materiality of light and narratives that tie a sculpture to its site in beautiful and meaningful ways. Lighting activates nighttime space, especially those under-utilised just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
‘Henge' at Wren Landing – Canary Wharf exemplifies public art's important role in the cultural well-being and enjoyment of cities.

One of the Festival's Landmark Projects sees the conception of ‘Henge', as a captivating and participatory sculptural form in a public square. Designed to inspire creative engagement, ‘Henge' beckons residents, workers, and visitors, to immerse themselves in its artistic allure, igniting impromptu performances, musical interludes, and poetry readings within and around its structure.

For enchantment after dusk, lighting integration extends the experience into the nighttime hours through meticulously positioned and programmed lighting. ‘Henge' maintains its monumentality and elegance, transforming into a captivating night dial that unveils time through graceful light movements.

As each quarter hour approaches, a carefully choreographed light sequence breathes life into the installation, not only infusing it with animation but also paying homage to ‘Henge' as an artistic instrument of
Sustainability Approach

All lighting equipment including spotlights, drivers, cabling and DMX controllers, was provided on loan for the duration of the design festival and was carefully de-installed and recycled for future use on other art lighting and other built projects.
Company Description

With commissions in 30 countries, SEAM is an independent architectural lighting design practice led by Marci Song and Emory Smith – each offering 20+ years’ global lighting and architecture experience. As architectural designers who specialise in light, SEAM expertly integrates lighting into the architectural vision and service, having supported Buro: Ole Scheeren, Waugh Thistleton Architects and many others to develop buildings and built environments on five continents. SEAM’s work uniquely brings together lighting, architecture and design, with the creation of memorable human experience.