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The Cryptography museum

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Yarko lighting design studio
Lead Designers Xenia Lanikina
Other Designer's names Yarko
Client Scientific and Production Company "Cryptonit", Joint Stock Company
Photo Credits Daniel Annenkov
Other Credits Architects Planet9, Curator Anna Titovets
Completion Date January, 2022
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Entry Description

The Cryptography Museum explores the history of cryptographic communicative tools through multimedia-exhibition content in reverse, from the 21st century to the Ancient World. Different color temperatures support this scenic device: there is a movement from colored and cool light for the 21st century to super-warm light (amber light below 2500K) for the age of ancient cryptography in the exhibit.

The modern hall is inspired by cyberpunk and Steven Kubrick's "Space Odyssey" with chaotic, cold, colored, and shimmering light. The industrial era of the Cold War has ? feeling of rustling secret papers and metallic machines. The 17th century halls are represented with candlelight flashes. As for the ancient times the exhibit is showcased in an entirely alchemical and mystical light haze.

The lighting solution unites the museum halls while preserving the unique story in each one and allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the history of cryptography.
Company Description

Yarko does not design lighting, we create a light environment and atmosphere. Lamp is our tool for creativity. The artistic vision and technical skills of our specialists, extensive experience and constant research of the market in search of new products allows us to create unique lighting solutions. We always accompany our projects from the beginning to the end, develop all the technical details and monitor their implementation on the site. This allows us to implement the most daring and complex decisions in the form in which we conceived them.