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Mirage Cinema

Prize(s) Winners in Other Lighting Designs / Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company RAUM × THE ViEW
Lead Designers Vlad Oblasov, Maria Kalmykova
Other Designer's names Anna Lvovskaia, Boris Lvovskiy, Fedor Goreglyad, Maria Romanova, Vasilii Portnyagin
Client Mirage Cinema, Da Bureau
Photo Credits Inna Kablukova, Sergey Melnikov
Other Credits Proart, Smart Light, Nikolai Potapov, Ilia Duganov
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Entry Description

«Mirage» is one of the oldest cinemas on Grand Avenue in St. Petersburg. Now it is a cluster of trendy projects with the capacity of full-day entertainment—movie watching and trying of different cuisine.

The cinema reorganisation project was supervised by DA bureau. RAUM & The ViEW teams joined the project in the technical implementation.

The «Mirage» logo colour emerges in the space as red walls and wash. An essential technique of the project is using light boxes of various types. A reception stand, suspended direction signs, free-standing light boxes and a multimedia post facilitate navigation. All the light boxes range from white to coloured and dim on request.

The focus of this project was the lightning of walls and vertical planes. It was a conscious choice: adjusting the beam angle to the floor level is not the only way to achieve quality ambient lighting.

Functional light complements artistic devices: narrow-lens fixtures highlight the staircases leading to the auditoriums, and wall washers create a smooth red fill to the surface visible when walking upstairs.

A silver curtain is a notable element in the interior: we used special-lens fixtures aimed at the grazing effect.

Coloured lighting in the toilets is another distinctive feature of the project, where frontal illumination of the mirrors creates a coup de théâtre while giving a soft glow to the reflection.
Company Description

Poisson Spot is a creative design office that works with light in different contexts. The team develops light environments for interiors and urban spaces, as well as creating light atmospheres for filming, concerts and events.