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MACA Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Estudio Hofstadter - Fregosi
Lead Designers Florencia Revello - Joel Fregosi - Ricardo Hofstadter
Client Pablo Atchugarry
Photo Credits Santiago Chaer
Completion Date 12-2022
Project Location Manantiales, Maldonado Uruguay
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Entry Description

MACA museum is the cultural legacies that the artist Pablo Atchugarry leaves for Uruguay, located in a 45 Ha sculpture park, away from the city and designed in harmony with landscape. Inspired by an ark and centered around wood as its primary element, Arch. Carlos Ott designed this museum as an analogy of Noah's Ark to shelter artworks. Inside the ark, there is a large exhibition hall intended to accommodate high sculptures created by Atchugarry. The lighting concept design focused on the artworks and the building itself. The museum greets us with its main façade, emerging like the hull of a ship. Floodlighting 4000K LEDs used to accentuate the hull to enhance the white tones of the facade. The focus of the lighting was on the reconstruction of the roof as the crowning feature of the building and the bare wooden structure. To achieve this, very narrow-beam (5º/6W) projectors in 3000K were installed from floor level, along with wall-washing projectors from the eaves. The sculpture hall has warm indirect lighting from the tracks, accentuating the wooden roof. Very precise projectors in tracks used for illuminating the artworks. In the white rooms, the ceiling lowers, and a grid of recessed tracks with lower-power projectors used, offering flexibility. Descending underground, lower light levels emphasizes the drama. This effect is particularly evident in the black exhibition room.
Sustainability Approach

The latest LED technology specialized for museums was used in the lighting design to achieve high color rendering, excellent efficiency, and quality of light. The LED fixtures chosen for this project combine ecological responsibility with technological expertise. They offer excellent light output, low energy consumption, and a carbon-neutral production process. Additionally, due to the natural environment in which the building is located, efforts were made to avoid upward light spillage to preserve the wonderful starry sky of the area.
All exhibition rooms are equipped with a lighting control system to ensure efficient use of the luminaires.
Company Description

We develop lighting design projects of different programs. We work mainly for the architecture offices hired by investors and owners or directly hired by them.