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Perrigo North American Headquarters

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company Smithgroup
Lead Designers Patrick MacBride, Apoorva Jalindre
Other Designer's names Alivia Stalnaker, Brian Leung, Sara Doornbos, Josie Doefer
Client Perrigo Co.
Photo Credits Jason Keen
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entry Description

The design concept “Be Well,” focuses on holistic care for every unique individual. Lighting design draws inspiration from the inherent beauty of simple natural elements (a leaf, a water droplet, or a star) and their ability to cluster with like elements to transform into something grander.

The communicating stair epitomizes the design concept. The mural interweaves simple elements (vertical fins, light bar, and vinyl wall graphic) and resonates to provide a soothing quality indicative of light interacting with a waterfall or a tree canopy. The soft sparkle reverberates throughout the office.

Office lighting mixes relaxed work environments with playful collaboration zones. Cove lighting traces curving architectural niches. Color temperature pairs with interior finishes: crisp 4000K with brand’s blue, neutral 3500K for general illumination; warm 3000K with wood accents. Indirect illumination softens the workspace. Direct illumination utilizes baffles for glare control. Decorative pendants provide playful and inviting glows.

Utilizing automated photocell and occupancy controls, dimmer switches, and 100% LED luminaires, the design achieves an LPD 56% under ASHRAE 90.1-2013 with 0.36 W/SF, and contributes to LEED Gold Certification.