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David Zwirner Office Headquarters

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company Map Design Studio
Lead Designers Artemis Papadatou
Other Designer's names Jung Eun Ra-Lee, Anne Roca, Sam Powers
Client David Zwirner
Photo Credits Colby Edwards
Completion Date August 2023
Project Location New York, NY
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Entry Description

David Zwirner commissioned a renovation of 36,000 square feet of office space across two floors to accommodate a uniquely flexible workspace environment. We worked closely with Selldorf Architects to provide seamless architectural lighting to meet the meticulously detailed design language of the project.

The lighting design principles aimed to provide general soft and uniform illumination throughout all space typologies, while meeting all desired light levels. The luminaires used were equipped with lenses, louvers, and small-scale apertures to achieve optimal glare control and provide a comfortable working environment. Various strategies were employed in the different ceiling types - for the exposed tall ceilings, luminaires with indirect and direct light sources were used, and in the acoustical dropped ceilings we used minimal aperture recessed downlights. The focal point of the interior architecture was the end-to-end floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Concealed linear wall washers were utilized to illuminate this design element and amplify the sense of depth in the large-scale open space.

All architectural lighting provided the required ambient illumination and emergency lighting, and used minimal lighting layers to create versatile workspaces and amenities that will accommodate expected growth in staff over time.
Company Description

We use light as a medium to transform spaces and reveal their aesthetic qualities. Through the use of light, we create a visual hierarchy and define an atmosphere within the built environment.

Our expertise spans across various project typologies and uses creative design approaches integrated with extensive knowledge of lighting technologies, control systems, LEED certification and energy compliance.

We collaborate with clients, architects and interior designers throughout the world.