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Saham Rakyat Office

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company MAW desain
Lead Designers Mario Widagdo
Other Designer's names H+ works
Client Kaesang Pangarep, Kevin Hendrawan
Photo Credits Mario Wibowo Photography
Other Credits Angkasa Architect
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Jakarta
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Entry Description

Saham Rakyat is a stock market platform based in Jakarta Indonesia. As a company owned by the young millennial generation, they want to have an unusual office. As a lighting designer, we come up with a concept where employees can work optimally, efficiently and happily by using the human body's biological clock approach. So we suggest to have a luminous stretch membrane ceiling as general lighting in the work area. This also aims to strengthen the formation of a dynamic interior concept by reducing the use of repetitive downlights. The color of the light changes over time from daylight to warm white, which is consistent with research on the relationship between circadian rhythms and light. Then, considering that there is a lot of natural light during the day, the brightness level of the light also changes so that the electricity needed for the lights becomes more efficient. For the lounge area, we present an alternative outside of working hours with a more fun concept by presenting a dynamic color concept in the membrane following the ongoing event. For the private meeting area we used turbular hanging lights to reduce the scale of the room. The live studio area is also designed using a membrane with the addition of several spotlights to maximize the appearance when live online. The lobby area is designed to provide a more welcoming atmosphere with a prominent paludarium
Sustainability Approach

We use tunable white LED with DALI system and sensors. By using sensors, lamp energy consumption can be controlled optimally. During daytime conditions with maximum sunlight entering, the brightness level of the lamp immediately adjusts. Likewise, when there is no activity, the lights will automatically turn off. Apart from that, the use of tunable white is aimed at maximizing the performance of the team working there, which is adjusted to the rhythm of the human body clock.
Company Description

We are independent lighting design company based in Surabaya and Jakarta.