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Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company Kris Lin International Design
Lead Designers Kris Lin
Other Designer's names Anda Yang
Client Cityscape Development
Photo Credits KLID
Completion Date 2022.12
Project Location Shanghai,China
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Entry Description

a.Art of Light
This is an office public space design.Drawing inspiration from the refraction of light, the design showcases a dynamic interplay of linear forms, utilizing lighting to accentuate the unique geometric shapes of the space. Different lighting materials are employed to create three distinct scenes where time and space intersect.
At the entrance, LED light strips are arranged in a cascading pattern to enhance the three-dimensional visual effect and attract people's attention, serving as a guiding element.
In the corridors, a combination of diffuse lighting fixtures on two sides and mirrored suspended ceilings create a sense of depth in the space, presenting a bold visual tension.
The open and spacious lobby serves as an art exhibition space, where a main fiber optic light art installation enhances the artistic ambiance. The large-scale floor-to-ceiling glass panels are defined as art showcases, not only displaying the latest products but also allowing for the display of various art installations, effectively enriching the urban interface.
b.The Warmth of Light
In the meeting rooms, an integrated ceiling pendant light provides comfortable diffused lighting throughout the entire room. The three lighting modes not only meet the various scene requirements of the space but also allow for independent adjustment of the color temperature in the room.
Sustainability Approach

The triple-height floor-to-ceiling windows, combined with mirrored glass ceilings, maximize the entry of natural light into the interior space. During the daytime, this design allows for a reduction in the use of artificial lighting, saving energy and creating a low-carbon and environmentally friendly office space.
Company Description

CNAM obtained a master's degree in architectural management from France. In 2001, (KLID) Kris Lin International Design office was founded in Shanghai, dedicated to the field of architectural interior space design. In 2006, he published a collection of his personal works, "KLID vision".
Engaged in professional design for 20 years, has been committed to architectural design, interior design and landscape design of continuous research and innovation. Always adhere to the original, KLID all projects are personally design by Kris Lin. In the international major professional design competition has r