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Huairou Science & Innovation Town

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Client Beijing BIAD Decoration Engineering & Design Co., LTD.
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Beijing, China
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Entry Description

The first space that catches our eye is the modern and innovative atrium area. The entrance of the multi-functional hall is illuminated by strip lights, which enhance the modern, technological atmosphere of the space, and bring attention to the metal door panel material. The design of the multi-functional hall incorporates a layered and textured concept through the use of various materials and shapes.

As an open training room, a bright and energizing atmosphere is crucial for maintaining focus and clarity. The circular backlit stretch screen ceiling in the conference space is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, serving as a visual focal point. The addition of accent lighting on the tables and chairs elevates the overall ambiance of the space.

In the VIP reception room, the combination of lines and surface elements creates a unique and modern space. The lighting technique focusing on points and lines adds depth and dimension to the space, creating a reception area with a strong sense of artistic style.
Company Description

Beijing Purilighting Company, at the establishment of 2010, is a professional consulting company specialized in light environment research, serving in many lighting professional fields such as architectural lighting design, indoor lighting design, landscape lighting design, urban lighting planning, etc., and providing professional light environment consulting services to customers.

Purilighting has always been based on the idea of creating a high-grade light environment and has won many international and domestic lighting design awards such as Asian Lighting Design Award and China Lighting