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Adyen Headquarters Amsterdam

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting Design
Company Beersnielsen
Lead Designers Beersnielsen lighting designers
Other Designer's names Mieke van der Velden, Dieuwertje Vogt, Sjoerd van Beers,
Client Adyen
Photo Credits Teo Krijgsman
Other Credits Interior Architects: Tank
Completion Date August 2021 - June 2022
Project Location Rokin 49, Amsterdam
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Entry Description

Adyen has opened its headquarters’ doors in downtown Amsterdam.
The interior of the former department store building went through a major transformation, preserving the previous ‘department- store feel’ and respecting the clients wish to re-use materials.
Striving for BREEAM EXCELLENCE, this project is quite unique and has shown a remarkably sustainable approach. Amongst others, old roof tiles were turned into unique bricks for custom-made furniture pieces.

Lighting wise an unconventional choice was made: The existing retail lighting was re-used throughout the building. A consistent grid of tracks and track spots was designed to blend with the interior and create accent lighting where needed.
All desks have been provided with appropriate, functional workspace lighting. Suspended linear profiles follow desk arrangements and strengthen the interior design statement.
The building is directly connected to a metro station in the basement, where meeting spaces shine like lanterns thanks to the glass bricks and special interior lighting.
Neon-like light lines mark the event space where company gatherings take place.
Hanging planters and peek-holes are outlined with warm light and connect floors, contributing to the overall atmosphere.
An absolute eye-catcher are the wooden staircases with integrated light which invite workers for encounters and interaction.
Sustainability Approach

Re-use of retail tracks and track spots for the whole building,
17.000m2 floor surface in total.

Number of workspaces: 1000
Re-use track : 2.200 m
Re-use Track spots : 1140 pcs
1500 m of linear office lighting light with direct light distribution
250m LED neon light line in bar, voids etc. + graphic light lines in basement