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Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company WHITEvoid GmbH
Lead Designers Christopher Bauder
Client Noor Riyadh
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Entry Description

The projects focus on translating bits and bytes into objects and environments, and the other way round. Space, object, sound, light and interaction are key elements in his work. He has brought his installations and performances to events and spaces around the world.
This project is the “axion” is a hypothetical elementary particle. If axions exist, they might be a component of cold dark matter. Cosmologists today believe only a fraction of our universe is made up of stars, planets, and living organisms. The other 95% of the universe is dark matter and dark energy. The cold dark matter theory describes how the universe went from a smooth initial state to the uneven distribution of galaxies and their clusters we see today. With Axion, the artist explores the ultimate horizon: outer space. This enormous temporary light show has been created specifically for deserts and other dusty environments. With its sprawling array of mirrors and spherical objects, it looks like a giant scientific device for space exploration or particle detection. But once inside, it is a reflection on the potential of axions, dark matter, and the idea of the unknown.