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TERRA Emily Restaurant

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Architecture Company 5F studio
Interior Design Company YOD GROUP
Client Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy
Photo Credits Expolight
Completion Date 01/06/2022
Project Location Lviv, Ukraine
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Entry Description

This restaurant is one of the many components of a large hotel complex. The interior design is rich in textured materials - glass, clay, and wood. Especially for this object and enhancement of the uniqueness of relief, we have developed lamps with directed super narrow rays. We arranged them in such a way as to create a sliding light and show shadows.

We tied all the lighting elements into a single control system that allows you to change scenarios, providing a comfortable lighting atmosphere corresponding to human biorhythms and modes. One of the tasks was to help the establishment transform from a Swedish line in the morning to a top restaurant in the evening.

Changes in the lighting scenarios are automatically scheduled, with a smooth flow from the morning regime to day, evening, and night.

Emphasizing the restaurant's connection to its natural surroundings, we illuminated the trees on the terrace in such a way as to paint the ceiling with shadows from leaves and twigs. The caustic effect on the nearby path only brings visitors closer to the feeling of being near the forest and the lake.