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Lotus Gate Restaurant

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Light Poetic International Lighting Designers
Lead Designers Ya-Hui Cheng
Other Designer's names Xin-Mei Zeng, Yang Yi-Tzu, Ryan Kung
Interior Design Company S.A.Y Design
Client Shanghai Jingpuhui Catering Management Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits Shanghai Jingpuhui Catering Management Co., Ltd., KLS Lighting Co., Ltd
Completion Date January, 2022
Project Location Beijing, China
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Entry Description

Lighting is to complement Interior Design to the extent of custom designing all the Decorative lights using Interior elements as part of the design. Three types of lighting layers are considered: soft glow light, accent light, and stage light. Human-level lighting is planned; using custom soft glow and high CRI good R9 LED accent lights while providing enough illumination to the table, bounced back to the face. The displays are lit with precision to create a contrast in the space. Architecture lighting act as a stage backdrop and the light is not overly intense. The combination of accent and ambiance lighting balances the lighting in the space and creates drama. In some of the millworks, the displays are deliberately lit from behind to create a silhouette for a more dramatic effect. All the light sources are LED and connected back to the dimming system. Different type of scene settings is selected for a different purpose, according to time. A dim-to-warm linear LED light is used to create an intimate atmosphere for the after-dinner late scene. The general lighting is reduced by using task and ambiance light from the reflected accent and joinery light for more energy-saving.
Company Description

Light Poetic’s design process begins with recognizing the space and its key design elements in collaboration with architects, interior designers and our clients.

Our efforts as lighting designers are to search for the greatest potential and ideas to illuminate the space with a balance of soft and bold, direct and indirect, subtle and vibrant, light and shadow, decorative and architectural.

The human touch is significant for us. We design for humanity and enjoy having our clients see the light poetically and meaningfully.