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Carton House Estate Lighting Masterplan

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Willie Duggan Lighting
Lead Designers Willie Duggan
Other Designer's names David Fogarty
Architecture Company MDO
Client Apple Leisure Group
Photo Credits Jamie Hackett
Completion Date November 2021
Project Location Carton House Estate, Maynooth, Co.Kildare, Ireland
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Entry Description
Our brief was to create a coherent night-time guest arrival experience, highlighting the superb architectural features while building anticipation to a “wow” experience on arrival. Lighting was also to improve night-time intuitive navigation on site, and be sensitive to the conservation and environmental considerations of the site. We performed detailed spatial analysis, to understand the end user experience choosing features to be lit, considering their location on the end user journey, background lighting, long and short views and impactfulness. Features were lit from angles to highlight texture and form and warm colour temperatures used to bring out the warmth to the sandstone brick. Low level indirect light helped reduce overall luminance levels, creating subtle, soft lighting effects. Mocking up was key to achieve desired effect, but also to minimise light spill. Central also in approach was the integration of light sources to ensure it was the beautiful features throughout the site that drew the attention not the light sources. We minimised fixings, reused existing cableways and fitting location where possible, used Bluetooth control and bespoke details to aid this.
Company Description
3rd Generation Irish Family business, setup in 1935.

We design and supply in lighting. Our clients employ us for design only, design and supply or supply only depending on their preference and the project demands.

Currently run by Willie and Monica Duggan, brother and sister combination, both growing up in lighting. Willie is a Chartered Engineer with a MSc in Light and Lighting from University College London, and has over 20 years experience in lighting design from London, NZ, Russia back to Ireland.