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Ma-Ka Lighting System

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
University ESNE, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología
Lead Designers Elsa Gil Benito
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location Madrid
Entry Description

The Ma-ka project aims to bring closer, raise awareness and teach about the broad possibilities and benefits of the new material culture.It is an organic and playful macro textile that transfers the forms and materials of nature to spaces. nature to spaces. Made from mycelium, it provides sound absorption and biodegradability.
sound absorption and biodegradability.

The Hear Ma-ka subproject focuses on the co-creation of sculpture, through educational workshops, participants will learn what mycelium is and how it can be applied to everyday lifestyle.
everyday lifestyle.

What is the differentiating factor of the proposal?

The formal development of Ma-ka was guided through Material Design (MDD) tool. Through it, the concepts are focused on the characteristics of the materials to adapt the products to them and to materials in order to adapt the products to them and not the other way around. It is important to have prior knowledge theoretical knowledge about the material to be treated and experimentation: key to knowing what we are going to work with.

Learning with materials helps to bring out their maximum potential, following their properties and expanding their undiscovered possibilities and expanding their undiscovered possibilities.