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Chandelier in the B14 UNIT.City business space

Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Company Expolight, Optical Metaphor by Expolight, Yakusha Studio
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka, Victoria Yakusha
Client UNIT.City
Photo Credits Expolight
Other Credits Yakusha Design
Completion Date 01/02/2022
Project Location Kyiv, Ukraine
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Entry Description
This chandelier is located on Campus B14 in Unit City. It is a place of sustainability and modern technology. The campus is located near the contemporary main square of Unit City, which is designed in the style of Japanese minimalism. The chandelier is visible from the street from the square, so we wanted it to continue the philosophy of combining straightforward design, aesthetics, environmental friendliness, and technology.

Together with the designers, we have specially developed the shape of glass tubes, which would give a concise form and show the play of light. We have selected the optimal length and width of the tubes so that they fill the space as harmoniously as possible with sunshine and also developed safety fasteners so that they do not move from the draft. We analyzed the angle of incidence of the sun's rays and placed glass prisms on the chandelier to maximize its shape during the day. The chandelier is visible from the square through the large windows on the first floor. The volumes were designed so that it was well-received locally and from the square - as a glass sculpture that blends harmoniously with the overall lighting concept of Unity City.