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Hermès’ collections at Milan Design Week 2022

Prize(s) Winners in Fashion Lighting Design
Company L'Observatoire International
Lead Designers Hervé Descottes (Principal)
Other Designer's names Etienne Gillabert (Project Director), Elie Nespoulous, Francesco Secone, Giuseppe Bini
Architecture Company STUDIO CMP
Completion Date June 2022
Project Location MILANO, ITALY
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Entry Description

The quest for lightness, like a challenge to gravity, is incarnated by the creation of objects for the home, showcased in four structures at Milan Design Week 2022. These constructions, in the shape of water towers, are light despite their monumental proportions; made of wood and covered with translucent coloured paper, they radiate light. Inside, each object expresses know-how that draws power from precision.

L'Observatoire International has been invited by Hermès to develop the lighting scheme for the 2022 Hermès’ collections exhibition at the Milan Design Week with designer Studio CMP.

Hermès collection temporary exhibition during Milan Design Week (8-12 June 2022). The exhibition consists of 4-5 vertical architectural volumes lit from within and covered by transparent paper.
Company Description

L’Observatoire International is a lighting design firm, founded in 1993 by Hervé Descottes.