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Prize(s) Winners in Hanging Lights
University Judson University
Lead Designers Elisa Arce
Photo Credits Elisa Arce
Other Credits Andressa Martinez
Completion Date 05/2022
Project Location Judson University
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Entry Description


The Lamp Design is a parametric solution using Rhino - Grasshopper. The design is able to be fabricated by 3D printing or even using a variety of materials by hand; it can be made in any color of choice.

Because the design is parametric, it is able to be produced and altered to fit any existing fixture. For example, for this solution I recycled an existing hanging light and fit the design to match the 4 bulb fixture. As mentioned, the material choice may vary depending on the user so it can be adapted to whatever materials are available. Here, the frame was laser cut into wooden pieces and assembled using glue. Finally, the wrapping was done with twine which can be replaced by many other options.

The name of the design is Morpheus (Greek for form or shape) which is connected to the story of the god who could shape the dreams of others. This is a symbol of the design that is able to easily flex and provide options to fit its own and even existing fixtures. For example, this model could be adapted in social housing projects where community members may be involved in assembling their own fixtures.