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Bird of paradise

Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products and Fixtures
Lead Designers Mitra Mohebbi
Other Designer's names Mahsa Mohebbi
Entry Description

Pay a little attention to this design not; it looks like a bird of paradise flying?

The source of design inspiration for this lighting is the white strelitzia flower. This flower, in any environment, gives light and freshness to the surrounding space. This lighting is designed in two models, and the material contains beautiful crystals representing the petals of this flower.

The other parts are made of galvanized metal with lightweight and strong. The light source of this design, which is energy_saving LED lamps, is hidden under the crystals. The reflection of light on the crystals and its reflection in the surrounding environment provides a romantic and pleasant atmosphere with suitable lighting for To be together with family and friends. The purpose of choosing this bionic design is its strong and deep meanings.

This native flower of South Africa is a symbol of freedom of opportunity and individual identity. The white bird of paradise glorified by the painter Georgia O'Keeffe is very rare and dramatic. it is also the symbol of a paradise called Nirvana.
It will bring you a heavenly atmosphere.