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Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
University Ming Chi University of Technology
Lead Designers Falicia Tan
Other Designer's names Chang He, Jun Shen Zhuang
Photo Credits Falicia Tan
Other Credits Chang He, Jun Shen Zhuang
Completion Date 2022/10/22
Project Location Taipei Taiwan
Entry Description

When the particle size is less than one-tenth of the wavelength, the scattering occurs.
It causes the clouds to appear different in color, thus emphasizing the beauty of the silver lining.
Every Cloud has Silver Lining. It presents a ray of hope.

Using recycled glass as the material symbolizes that every waste has a ray of vitality and the possibility of being reused. Clouds are presented in curvilinear shapes, which show thickness after stacking so that a silver lining appears after the light is scattered.