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Shades Of Yu

Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
University Shih Chien University
Lead Designers Su Chen Wei
Completion Date 2022/10/19
Project Location taiwan
Entry Description

The highest peak in Taiwan, Yushan, the head of the hundred mountains, 3952 meters high. This design will provide a panoramic view of the most beautiful scenery from the north peak of Yushan to the main peak.

The beauty of the mountain shape is precisely and finely sculpted, and the feeling you see when you climb Yushan Mountain is reproduced at home.
The light will simulate the movement of the sun according to time, not only showing the shape of the mountain, but also the path of the sun. It shows the appearance of Yushan under different light and shadow. At sunrise, sunset and midnight, the base color-changing lights will reflect the wall.

Seeing the layers between the mountains and the mountains, you can also see the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset.