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NING mood lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Mood Lighting
University Ming Chi University of Technology
Lead Designers WEI PENG HUNG
Other Designer's names JING YI CHEN YUN JYUN DAI
Client Ming chi university of technology Department of Industrial design
Completion Date 2022/10
Project Location Taipei
Entry Description

"Ning" means tranquility and peaceful emotions in oriental Chinese characters. We hope that this lamp can provide people with a sense of peace in their hearts, and feel healing through the process of turning the summit. The origin of the gyro can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. It is called Qianqian. It is a game in the palace. Later, it became popular among the people. It has a history and culture of four to five hundred years.
Interestingly, the principle of conservation of angular kinetic energy in physics mentions that in an ideal state, the gyro will continue to rotate, but the energy of the gyro is consumed due to friction with the ground during rotation.
Just as people continue to use nature's resources in development, and have friction with nature, when energy is out of balance, both will fall. Therefore, under the continuous development of the economy, We hope that we can also be like the "non-stop spinning gyro",
Continue to strive for the balance between human beings and nature, and make human society and the environment work together.
"Ning" is made of recycled glass as a whole, the bottom is made of strong magnets, the base is made of recycled aluminum, and the electromagnet modules and LED lights are embedded inside. When the top starts to turn, the light comes on immediately, and it won't fall down until you stop it manually.