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Lumo Portable Home Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Portable Lamps
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Brendan Oshida
Photo Credits Brendan Oshida
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Atlanta, GA
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Entry Description

Lumo is a portable home lighting solution designed to brighten up night time routines. Many people need to finish various tasks at night, with anything from last-minute work to leisure; however, overhead lighting is often too harsh and stationery lights confine the user to a given workspace. Lumo's friendly form brings both portability and comfort to nighttime routines, giving you new possibilities to illuminate your life.

Lumo is composed of two parts, a charging base and the lamp. The base was modeled in yellow modeling foam and given a matte finish, but in production would be made of a plastic and have charging technology implemented. The lamp is 3D-printed and given the same matte finish as the base. Inside, there are built-in supports to hold the light source, which in this case is a USB-powered bulb for demonstration purposes.