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Pharos Cloud

Prize(s) Winners in Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications
Company Pharos Architectural Controls
Lead Designers Jack Neill (Product Designer)
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Entry Description

Lighting control integrators faced a persistent challenge: problematic remote access to their installations. The Covid pandemic revealed the urgency for a more sophisticated solution when budgets were at their tightest. The solution came, not in a new piece of hardware, but in the cloud. Pharos Cloud was launched to take lighting projects fully remote, giving integrators access to and control of their installations from any location, using any Internet-connected device and industry-standard protocols for encryption.

After a quick setup process, integrators can add controllers and begin managing lighting collaboratively. They can oversee multiple sites from a single login, upload firmware or projects, see real-time device data, and give clients granular access. Notifications mean reacting quickly to critical events.

With the Portals feature, integrators can apply their own branding and have unified control across multiple sites, with the ability to apply changes across an entire city or campus.

Pharos Cloud has had an enormous impact, not only offering a sophisticated, remote solution now, but also several advantages for the future – such as the ability to build better client relationships by offering extended, more efficient support, and reducing carbon footprint with fewer site visits.