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Light & Space

Prize(s) Winners in Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications
Company LEDVANCE GmbH.
Lead Designers Kevin Wang, Shaokun Chen, Hongqian Liu
Other Designer's names Huaming Chen, Wuqiang Liao, Ryan Ou, Heng Li
Completion Date September 15, 2021
Project Location Global
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Entry Description

Light & space is an outstanding digital product that applies AI, cloud computing, and big-data analysis to the lighting industry. This web-based cloud platform provides the most simple and reliable lighting solution for non-lighting design professionals such as sales and customers, which makes lighting products reach the market quickly and efficiently. Users can obtain lighting catalogs, layout plans, 3D rendering, simulation results, and quotations based on basic room information within a few seconds. These results rely on the AI algorithm of professional luminaire selection and layout planning, and strictly conform to the local lighting design standards and product library. The platform can be applied to various building functions and supports many digital terminals. Personalized data will be collected and analyzed in each region to provide localized services.
This cloud platform revolutionizes traditional professional sales processes in terms of higher efficiency, greater accuracy, and overall cost reduction, without interfering with the current pro-lighting sales process structure. As an innovative digital service, Light & Space will be very helpful and be future-prove.