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Planetary Pendant Light

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Nulty Bespoke
Lead Designers Nulty Bespoke
Client Private Client
Photo Credits James French
Completion Date 08.09.2020
Project Location London
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Entry Description

Designed for a neoclassical style workplace in the City of London, the Planetary Pendant Light is an exploration of artisan techniques and contrasting materials. The brief called for three beautifully refined pendant lights that would bring balance and intimacy to the space.

Inspired by the subtle hues and contours of the planets, the pendant comprises three hand-formed glass discs. Each of the glass tiers is unique in its intricate detail due to the nature of the hand-spun process, as pigment is dropped into the glass to produce a distinctive swirling effect. The centre of each glass element houses a ring of side emitting diffused LED, which emanates light outwards and accentuates the cloudy texture of the glass. The smaller the glass piece the more prominent the light, which creates a beautiful gradient from underneath.

The circular glass discs are affixed to connecting sphere-shaped components and a static drop rod, finished in polished brass. The two solid metal orbs sit between the glass discs and form a striking visual contrast when set against the opaqueness of the glass.

The final result is a beautifully understated piece distinguishable for its elegantly balanced proportions and cloudy diffused glow.
Company Description

Nulty is an independent lighting design consultancy working with some of the world’s foremost architects and interior designers. Founded in the UK over 11 years ago, the practice works on projects all over the globe and has studios in London, Dubai, Miami, Bangkok and Pune. The award-winning team delivers architectural lighting design at every scale, working on city-wide masterplans, public realm schemes, and hospitality, retail, commercial and residential projects.