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BRACE - celebration of the classic lightbulb

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Zavodsky Switzerland Gmbh
Lead Designers Eric Therner
Photo Credits ZAVODSKY Switzerland GmbH
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Winterthur, Switzerland
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Entry Description

BRACE is a love-letter from Swedish Designer Eric Therner to the classic light bulb. We believe, that in today’s world, too many light bulbs purely exist on the basis of changing its shape to ever new, even more unusual forms, without being able to answer a clear “WHY”. And while every shape can become a lamp or a light bulb, it's just going to keep being a boring, repetitive pattern over and over again.

BRACE is an attempt to tackle the light bulb from a different angle. By not changing it, but instead maintaining it and glorify it. Because the classic light bulb will always be the best light bulb – after all, it’s an icon; the symbol of a good idea. Leaving the silhouette of the classic light bulb intact, Eric Therner instead puts jewelry in the form of a gold ring on it. It is his tribute to a legend, treating it with respect instead of depriving it of its nature.

Taking a closer look it is apparent that the ring is not simply put on a standard bulb, the glass itself has a groove in the molding so that it looks as if the ring is stuck there forever, grown into the shape like the ring on a finger…