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Virtue Aura

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting / Pendant Lighting
Company Serendipity Design
Lead Designers Yueyun Song
Completion Date June, 2022
Project Location New Zealand
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Entry Description

Inspired by a 9th-century Tang Dynasty poem about the serendipitous beauty of light streaming through a bamboo grove, Virtue is a new lighting collection that combines traditional bamboo hand-working and hand-finishing techniques with contemporary machining and colouring processes. The collection seeks to reconnect a material today perceived as inexpensive and disposable with its Chinese historical virtues of honesty, modesty, and resilience.

Virtue Aura combines two species of sustainable grass, strengthened through traditional heat curing processes and assembled with no glues or adhesives. Each pendant comprises a split, coloured, and machined quarter-stem with LED inlay juxtaposed with a series of Moso and Madake rings to diffuse the illumination. The result is a beautifully resolved luminous object that casts configurable light patterns upon the space it inhabits.

Each Virtue Aura pendant is handcrafted in conversation with its materials, with each lamp slightly unique respecting the properties of its natural components.