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Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
Company Maytoni
Lead Designers Alexey Danilin
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Entry Description

The very name tells us not only about the properties of the luminaire. But it also takes us back to the Renaissance. The fact is that the word is an artistic term used in optics and in the fine arts. It means the optical effect of reflected light. Renaissance artist
All of this was the basis for the inspiration behind creating the luminaires. Metal plafonds with two light sources, covered by frosted glass diffusers, seem to hide from the viewer in decorative circles cut in half. With this design, we can see how one light illuminates a circle from different sides. These elements consist of a fabric that is both translucent, reflective and has an interesting texture. This creates an interesting effect, like the sun rising over the surface of a serene water surface.
The luminaire has a metal ball-shaped plafond with two LED light sources. These are covered by frosted diffusers to create a soft, diffused light in the room. Nevertheless the luminous flux is great, and the luminaire is a powerful light fixture and not just a decorative object. The metal plafond splits the decorative element like a circle in half. And light sources illuminate it on both sides. It consists of fabric and metal wire. This fabric has a distinct texture and is also translucent with a reflective effect. This makes it possible to create interesting lighting effects on it and on neighboring walls.
Company Description

Maytoni is a young, dynamic company that has been designing and producing sophisticated collections of trendy, decorative luminaires since 2009.
Maytoni was founded in 2009. The company initially focused on the development of classic design luminaires, in particular the crown and crystal chandeliers. As a result, the collection was expanded to include modern and decorative designs. Trendy new products are developed every year. Today, our products are distributed throughout Europe and the Middle East.