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S.Ground Recessed Outdoor Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Outdoor Spotlights
Company Stella Imp. E Exp. De Luminárias Ltda
Lead Designers Lisandro Berlitz, Fernando Berlitz, Eduardo Fiori
Other Designer's names and Team
Client Stella Imp. e Exp. de Luminárias LTDA
Completion Date June 30, 2023
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Entry Description

Developed in order to highlight objects arranged in gardens and outdoor areas with a homogeneous lighting, Ground is a LED inground light which mixes robust shapes and a new optical set in reduced dimensions to reach an elegant design and incomparable visual comfort. Similar products usually are bigger and don’t have such a well-defined light effect.
This product also has a version that allows you to use a honeycomb grid over the LED, which will make it more visually comfortable by decreasing glare in addition to a recessed LED inside the Ground’s body. Made of aluminium and painted in black colour, it has a compact and robust body, beside a protection rated as IP67, that makes it resistant and elegant at the same time.
Ground is compatible with an exclusive installation box which allows to rotate the product, adjust angle and height and facilitates installation. Ground is 20W powered and has two variations of beam angle: 12° and 34°.
Company Description

The creation of products and solutions is in our DNA. We are a lighting company based in Brazil and we are passionate about light, about design, about details. Each year, we create numerous new products, expanding application possibilities with original solutions and refined design. The quality of these products is our focus. We work with premium oriented products, but with competitive prices. Our search for quality and reliability is done through a strict internal and external quality control.