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SAF Floodlight Family

Prize(s) Winners in Flood Lights
Company Hydrel Lighting
Lead Designers Hydrel
Completion Date March 2022
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Entry Description

The SAF family showcases its attention to detail with clean aesthetics, design sensibility and modern performance. It’s today’s lighting solution engineered to show off optics at its very best and illuminate more from less luminaire. Versatile and comprehensive, the SAF Family is suitable for every architecture, site, and environment.

With its narrow beam and precision lighting, the SAF1 accentuates unique patterns, facades, and landmarks, harmonizing exterior spaces according to architectural lighting design needs. This compact luminaire offers 6? to 70? high-output distribution,1500 delivered lumens and unparalleled water ingress protection.

SAF7, SAF17 and SAF18 offers quad technology that delivers more precise color matching and is designed with advanced lenses that emit high-quality and high-output lighting. The result is uniform landscapes and environments. No loss of lumen output. No overheating
No color separation. High performance color mixing. Precise color blending. Higher color saturation.

The SAF family includes an Architectural Multi-Head. The SAF family works in different applications and with other Hydrel product families while maintaining a unified aesthetic.
Company Description

Hydrel®, is a premier brand of outdoor architectural & landscape lighting products, which incorporate innovative sealing capabilities, superior materials, & long-lasting finishes. Its luminaires can withstand decades of use with minimal maintenance & unmatched structural integrity. Hydrel utilizes the most advanced sources & optics to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Combining efficient sources with precision optical platforms, Hydrel achieves photometric performance seldom experienced in outdoor lighting – a soft, uniform illumination that is noticeably superior.