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Lecco Floorwasher

Prize(s) Winners in Deck and Step Lights
Company John Cullen Lighting
Lead Designers Alexander Leck
Completion Date 11/21
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Entry Description

Introducing the Lecco - our new floor washer.

Designed to be placed at the floor level, the Lecco produces a striking beam of light that skims along the ground. This effect can be softened into a warm glow through the use of an optional glass accessory to produce an ambient light.

The faceplate features a thin slot that extends through the bottom of the face plate, ensuring a sharp and consistent beam of light from the front of the fitting without a distracting shadow gap.

The Lecco has an output of 50lm with a faceplate size of just 30mm x 80mm. Despite its miniature form, it is rated to IP66 ensuring compatibility both internally and externally.

The Lecco is available in both Trim and Trimless versions. Trimless versions are supplied with a plaster-in frame to be recessed into the wall. This ensures that the faceplate sits flush against the finished wall surface.

Available finishes are Stainless Steel, Bronze and Primed.
Company Description

For over 40 years, John Cullen Lighting has been enhancing spaces with the power of light across 45 countries. We design schemes that bring interiors and spaces to life with light and design discreet luxury architectural luminaires which create stunning effects. Operating from offices in London, Paris, Dubai and Mumbai, John Cullen Lighting is well placed to provide the very highest standards of design and discreet fittings for the world’s luxury residential and hospitality lighting schemes.