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Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
Company Shanghai Tongqi Design Consultants Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Tongqi Lu
Completion Date 01.22.2022
Project Location Los Angeles, California, USA
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Entry Description

Citron is a mood lamp that embodies fruity freshness. As an urban citizen, being out of touch with one’s natural environment, society, and social landscape is not a phenomenon unheard of. The concrete jungles of cities often rob one of vibrancy and organic rhythm.

‘Citron’ – a mood lamp is specifically designed to help revive that earthy vitality.Citron levitates serene undertones of nature, like plump fruits falling artfully from trees– by visualizing their motions and sounds.

Inspired by natural elements– Citron uses durable artificial, processed metal to paint the abstraction in urban hues.

The curved metal plate refracts the forested lampshade; the deformed shadow mimics the melody of fruits diving into the ground, and the glass lampshade sculpted with fine muscular lines represents precious imperfections of nature. The wax casting gives the glass lampshade a lemon/yuzu skin texture. The handle is crafted in the form of a fruit, and the pure, white glass emits a soft strangeness– warmly incandescent.

The reflection of the lampshade moves along with you– an intimate, silent interaction. It’s not just a still object, it embodies the vitality of its environment.