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Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
Lead Designers CENTRSVET
Project Location Moscow, Russia
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Entry Description

Elegant and aesthetic luminaire made of flexible neon that allows to shape it how you want. You can combine luminaires and create unique lighting compositions and art objects. FREELIGHT means the freedom of light – freedom of art and freedom to create an inimitable atmosphere. 360° beam angle, the luminaire produces light flux with its whole surface. Minimum bend radius is 120 mm. The length varies from 1.2 to 5 meters. Small 25 mm diameter.

Flexible neon used in all FREELIGHT series luminaires is odourless, does not exude any harmful chemicals and has complete ecological safety. This distinguishes FREELIGHT luminaires from their analogs.
Company Description

Premium lighting from Russia!

We have been committed to our principles since 2005. Top-notch design. Unmatched quality. Numerous Russian patents and wins at the most prestigious international awards of Italy and Germany. In-house production, best prices, all products are in stock.