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Smart Modular

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting / Task Lighting
Company LEDVANCE GmbH.
Lead Designers Kevin Wang, Shu Yi, Shaokun Chen
Completion Date 2022.04.11
Project Location Western Europe, North America, South America
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Entry Description

Smart Modular is an intelligent modular lighting system for commercial and residential use. Its innovative features and optimized user experience provide advanced ideas for smart lighting.
The main body is a triangle strip shape luminaire, lengths from 600 to 2000mm. Diffused luminous surfaces provide ambient light on the task and surrounding area. There is a track on both sides of the light to install personal task light. The task light can be easily mounted and controlled by users to provide sufficient illumination for the independent user, creating a 'Micro Environment' with light distribution. A general up-lit ambient module can be added at the top to illuminate the ceiling. For accent light on a target area, an addon focal spotlight can be freely added. In addition, Smart Modular can be connected in various shapes to fulfill the site conditions.
Each modular can be easily combined and controlled automatically without pre-installation of control wirings and devices. The occupancy sensor module of the light and the desktop switch with the illuminance sensor can automatically light up the light when users approach and adjust it in real time according to the desktop illuminance.