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OP1- Office Port

Prize(s) Winners in Task Lighting
Company p14x Innovations
Lead Designers Andreas Henrich
Other Designer's names Andre Krause
Project Location Germany
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Entry Description

The Office Port OP1 is a new category of a modular office work equipment. As a system it amalgamizes illumination, video, acoustic, sensory, power distribution and communication devices through formal and technical integration.

Backbone is a power, data and mechanical fixation track which adopts various technical devices such as direct and indirect lighting components for room illumination, video lights, cameras, light controllers, microphones, USB connectors, computer screen holders, stereo loudspeakers, separation walls, acoustic noise reduction panels, white walls, plant holders and many more.

Individual characteristics of the architectural and interior design can be adopted through variations in shape, colour and material. This ranges from residential home office environments with warm colors and natural materials over a „tech-look“ with a black/ steel/ image up to a clean white rational work surrounding.

Modules and covers are fixed by a snap-in mechanism, common standard interfaces - such as USB-C, DALI-4i, 1-3 phase power tracks (High or low voltage) or established electric contact systems.

Built as a flexible system it works as a stand-alone solution for single and
Company Description

p14x Innovations is a strategic business and innovation consultancy with creative design, technology and management competencies.
Founded and led by Andreas Henrich p14x Innovations is based in the middle of Germany. The core team of covers all fields along the innovation chain such as strategy, research, product design, visualization, optical simulation, engineering, product management and marketing.
Customers are majorly design and architecture-minded SME`s in the field of Lighting and building equipment with a high standard on innovation and specialization.
p14x Innovations has develope